Real Estate Continuing Education
(6 Hours - Includes 2 Hour Legal Update)
(Includes 2 Hour Legal Update)


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6 Hour Homestudy Real Estate Continuing Education CE19A

(Includes 2 Hour Legal Update)

Course Topics
  • Public Record
  • State Law
  • Federal Law
  • Court Cases (Decided by State and Federal Courts)
  • News Releases Published by FBI, DOJ, State Attorney General(s), and Other Governments Entities (Deemed as Credible Sources)
  • Possible Media Stories (Deemed as Credible Sources)
  • General Real Estate Knowledge (Provided by Various Textbooks Considered Reliable)
  • Our Analysis and Comments
6 Hour Home Study 2117

(Includes 2 Hour Legal Update)

Course Topics
- Legal update (State & Federal)
- Advertising Rules & Discrimination
- Elimination of Dower
- Prohibition of Marijuana on premises
- Flint water Investigation
- Title insurance coverage for fraud committed by scammers
- Mortgage modification scams
- Fair Housing Law Case Studies
- Rental and sales Discrimination
- Racial/Disability Discrimination
- And Much More!
6 Hour Home Study 2118

(Includes 2 Hour Legal Update)
(Includes 3 Hour NAR Code of Ethics)

Course Topics
- Legal Update
- Court Cases
- Lead Paint
- Sexual Harrassments
- Familial Status Discrimination
- Appraisal Fraud
- Bank Fraud
- Income Tax Fraud
- Illegal Kickbacks
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