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The Advanced Real Estate Training Courses were developed as additional tools for professionals and prospects alike. Whether you are trying to advance your real estate career or interested in investing and flipping homes, we are sure to have a course for you. These courses are currently offered online only.

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CRAM COURSE - Real Estate Licensing Refresher
(Online Course)

Course Topics
This course is for students who need to review their real estate material to pass the State exam. This serves as an additional study tool to help you to review the course material and refresh your memory on important real estate concepts.
Property Management

Course Topics
Property management essentially is the management of personal property, equipment, tooling, and physical capital assets. Our course covers residential, commercial, and industrial properties, financing, renting, and leasing, laws and regulations, acquiring and selling management property, property maintenance, establishing good relationships, tenants, Michigan Landlord-Tenant Relationship Act, and how to flip houses.
Operating the Real Estate Money Machine (Investors)

Course Topics
- Flip Houses
- Current foreclosure and short sale market
- Build a real estate portfolio to generate retirement income
- Learn how to generate tax deferred income
- Learn how to fund your investments by using your money or investors money
- Direct your IRA towards the investment
- Retire in a few short years by generating portfolio income
Real Estate Master Series

Course Topics
- How to Get Jumpstarted
- How to Get More Listings
- How to Market Your Properties
- How to Close
- How to Negotiate
Real Estate Review - Real Estate Licensing Refresher
(Video Course)

Course Topics
7-Video Course that teaches you everything you need to pass your Michigan Real Estate Exam. This is a "fast paced" course that covers several important topics and includes several multiple choice question reviews.
Flip For Success - Finding Bank Foreclosures

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